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Buçaco, a green treasure to be found and a taste of Luso

I believe I have already mentioned in an earlier post, my “problem” with the cold (that probably got worse after living in a tropical country for several years). Yes, it is sometimes (by sometimes I mean always :D) difficult for me to handle the cold, although the sunny days in southern Europe do make winter much more bearable. I love to observe the colours we get on bright sunny winter days and the cherry on top of the cake for me, is observing these colours amongst beautiful green mother nature. [Buçaco Luso]

Buçaco National Forest and Palace

This week, we take you to one of these green paradises in Aveiro district, Portugal: the Buçaco Forest. During October 2018, this forest was one of many to be struck by Storm Leslie. The forest reopened to the public during December of the the same year. After the chaos that Storm Leslie left behind and some effort to clean and restore this forest to its former beauty, it is once again safe and sound for people to enjoy a walk and admire nature surrounding you, all the beautiful trees, breath all the fresh air and feel your soul get lighter and renewed. We love this place so much! Every time you can observe new shapes in nature and every season has its charm!

And besides the forest, the palace is breath-taking! The palace is now converted to a hotel, nevertheless, besides walking around the palace, you can also have a look at the reception of the hotel if you kindly ask the workers. This palace of Manueline style (with inspiration on the discoveries time and maritime elements) is impressive in its details. All done by hand the old-fashioned way! We like to take our time observing everything, so a lot of the details looked incredibly amazing to us: the sculptures in the facades, the windows, the tiles (Clover, as a South African, liked the one about Adamastor, the monster at the “Cape of Storms”), the stained glass, and the description could go on and on. Check our photo gallery to realize the splendour of this place!

Unfortunately, we were not able to visit the monastery as it is undergoing conservation works, however, you can still admire the outside walls with mosaics made of stone. Stunning!

Luso, a village with a magical atmosphere

Surrounded by the forest, this small village is very picturesque with cosy houses and some palace looking houses too.

Also home to thermae and one of the most famous mineral water springs in Portugal, with the same name as the village, this is a very nice village to walk around and enjoy the sunrays.

In addition, at the time of our visit, the traditional after Christmas singing carols (“Janeiras”) were taking place in the central plaza. Another nice surprise during the trip.

An awesome restaurant finding in Luso

And after taking a walk in the beautiful forest of Bussaco we could not be happier to have found proper homemade style food at Lourenço’s in Luso. With awesome and natural flavours, this made from scratch food conquered our hearts. Nice portions and good size and a proper taste of mom’s or grandma’s kitchen! We want to come back for sure when passing by that side.

We were able to taste an incredible tender steak, a heart-warming Lourenço’s codfish and an incredible vegetarian surprise (trust the chef and she will come up with something incredibly good with the fresh ingredients of the day).

The homemade chocolate mousse was divine and the pavlova was maybe the best I ever had! Fresh fruit and a crunchy base. What a wonderful way to finish the meal!

So when going to Buçaco and Luso, you have the guarantee to satisfy all your senses!



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